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Should We Celebrate Valentines Day?

Should we celebrate Valentine’s Day?? Is February 14th truly a day of love, or a fabricated day of chocolates and going out to dinner? PSB conducted a poll on the American public to find out what they think.

Generations Strategy Program – Plurals

The success equation for American business is changing. For years, the most important consumer input into the success equation was the consumer behavior of Baby Boomers. But at around the turn of the century, the equation shifted.

The Normalization of Cannabis

The rise of cannabis as a “legal” consumer product can be felt across the United States and Canada. From medical marijuana to recreational consumption, the taboo around cannabis is receding rapidly.

Shifting the Political Narrative

PSB joins youth-led non-profit to help register as many young voters as possible before the 2018 Midterm Elections. Ahead of 2020, we’re re-tooling and gearing up for a series of national town hall debates.

Qual For Meetings

Leveraging qualitative best practices for a different purpose: to achieve more engaging, collaborative, impactful and, gasp! – FUN – meetings with colleagues and clients.


It’s free to download, social by design and the technology is novel and insanely cool. What’s surprising and far more interesting is that the app went nearly twice as viral this past week as it did two years ago.

Corporate CSR Priorities

PSB Research conducted an online survey of a representative sample of 1,000 adults nationwide from April 5-12, 2019. The survey tested the importance of a set of causes the United Nations has established as priorities for global development and the extent to which Americans believe it is the responsibility of corporations to address them.

Our Award-Winning AdLab

Our award-winning AdLab provides the data and predictive analysis to provide speed, deep insight and customization. Our research tools…