Our Award-Winning AdLab

August 2, 2019

When you need to…

  • Find the direction for a new campaign
  • Test creative
  • Understand the impact of your ads

We specifically designed our award-winning AdLab to provide the data and predictive analysis to provide speed, deep insight and customization. Our research tools equip your team to make insightful, fact-based decisions at each stage of the creative development process: from early-stage concepting to final execution.

Television. Digital video. Print. Interactive display. Out of home. Communications intended to convey your brand proposition, personality, and purpose to your audience. High-visibility evidence of your organization’s most consequential ongoing investment. This content shouldn’t advance a hunch – it should advance brand and business objectives. It should perform. That’s where AdLabTM comes in.

PSB understands that the communications development process is all about choices and decisions. AdLab helps clients realize the full potential of their production & media investment by ensuring that critical communications decisions are as well informed as possible.

AdLab is a suite of communications research methodologies applicable to each stage of the creative development process, providing paths to optimization and/or validation from early-stage concepting to final execution. The AdLab approach mirrors the customer journey, aligning data and analysis into six essential pillars; brand recall and breakthrough, education, emotion, perception, behavior, and advocacy.

Client Research/Insights leaders value the speed, deep insight, and customization capabilities of AdLab – as well as the best-in-class transparency of AdLab’s data outputs. Marketing leaders and agency planning and creative teams appreciate PSB’s understanding of the creative process, and AdLab’s sensitivity to the distinctions between message and execution.

AdLab — which was recognized with the Advertising Research Foundation’s David Ogilvy Award in both 2013 (Gold) and 2014 (Silver) – can be applied globally and is used by PSB clients across a wide variety of categories, including but not limited to technology, CPG, automotive, healthcare, public policy, and travel.

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