What it Means to be Asian in America​

The Pew Research Center worked with PSB Insights to conduct large-scale qualitative research to better understand the experiences of Asians in America. The research was driven by a desire to break down what can often be monolithic reporting on the Asian American experience and dig deep into the unique experiences of each ethnic community.

As The Pew Research Center reports, the Asian American experience in the United States is not monolithic. It is shaped by various factors such as place of birth, connection to ethnic origins, and interactions with others, both within and outside the Asian American community. Despite these differences, shared experiences and common themes emerge when we ask Asian Americans what it means to be Asian in America.

In the fall of 2021, PSB Insights supported The Pew Research Center in conducting its largest focus group study to date, consisting of 66 focus groups with a total of 264 participants. These groups were organized into 18 distinct Asian ethnic origin groups, fielded in 18 languages, and moderated by members of their own ethnic groups. Due to the pandemic, the focus groups were conducted virtually, allowing us to recruit participants from all parts of the United States. This approach allowed us to hear from a diverse set of voices, including those from less populous Asian ethnic groups whose views, attitudes, and opinions are often overlooked in traditional polling. Moreover, this approach enabled us to delve deeper into the reasons behind people’s opinions and choices about what it means to belong in America, beyond the preset response options of a traditional survey.

Check out the full report here.​

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