Digital Wellbeing

Ithra-Sync’s Global Digital Wellbeing Survey is a regular study conducted across 35 countries. This extensive study, the largest of its kind, was inspired by one of the most challenging issues of our time: how to reap the benefits of the information age while simultaneously promoting health, safety, social cohesion and more. This two-way balancing act – optimizing the benefits of technology while reducing harms – is at the heart of digital wellbeing.

Our findings reveal a universal tension: between a sense of anxiety and uncertainty around how digitalization is affecting our day-to-day – and a recognition that it is already deeply embedded in every action we take, often enabling far greater convenience, speed and learning.

Fundamental to our findings were calls for more oversight and protection around digital development: an assurance that being online can remain a key part of peoples’ lives without compromising on their security and personal fulfillment.

The 2024 Digital Wellbeing full report is available here.

Key Findings: The findings of the updated survey offer unique insights across six key themes: balanced use of technology, artificial intelligence (AI), social media, gaming, work, and government regulation. Globally, respondents of all ages are increasingly adopting conscious digital consumption habits, with a majority now choosing to spend their online time intentionally rather than engaging in purposeless scrolling.

  • A Healthier Balance: Our relationship with technology is blossoming, but it still holds the potential to harm.
  • All Eyes on AI: Artificial Intelligence is dominating people’s lives, yet many do not understand it.
  • New Era of Social Media: Active use of social media is viewed positively, but bullying remains a concern.
  • Gaming is Growing, so are the Challenges: Gaming is positive for most while remaining an escape mechanism for some.
  • Impact of Flexibility at Work: Celebrating greater flexibility at work cannot come at the cost of personal boundaries.
  • Regulations are Vital: Appetite for greater transparency and regulation is growing.

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