Heather Maldonado

Vice President, Advanced Analytics [email protected]

Heather is Vice President of our analytics team with 20 years of experience in research. She holds a graduate degree in Psychology from UC Davis, with advanced training in psychometrics, advanced statistical analysis and survey construction. She has published research in quantitative journals on advanced statistical techniques. Her professional career started out conducting cast and consumer related research at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, including advanced modeling to predict visitation patterns. Heather has expertise in a variety of advanced analytic techniques including advanced Modeling and Machine Learning. Heather has been working at or partnering with PSB since 2014, working on both short and long-term projects for clients like Microsoft, Ubisoft, Cox Communications, Walmart, Amazon, Intel and others. Heather strives to stay on the cutting edge and continuously try to innovate to help clients obtain actionable insights from the various forms of data that are available, be that survey, database, telemetry, behavioral, or social media.

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