Graham Kerr

EVP - Strategy and Client Development [email protected]

Graham is EVP of Strategy and Client Development at PSB. He has over 30 years global brand, media & advertising research experience and has a strong focus on innovation and product development, particularly in measuring digital advertising effectiveness.

Graham has extensive experience building and leading successful teams – at his previous company, GfK, he headed the Microsoft account. Prior to that, at MetrixLab, he headed the Brand, Media & Advertising practice and also led the Microsoft and General Mills accounts. In his time as EVP at Millward Brown US, he headed the Pepsico, Unilever and Ford of Europe businesses.

Graham also ran his own Consultancy business – Gray Dawg Consulting, specialized in training research companies on effective storytelling and data visualization techniques. Graham received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Nottingham University in the UK.

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