Erin Henry Balbier

Senior Vice President

Erin is a Senior Vice President at PSB. She is a seasoned research and insights professional focused on solving business problems through creative research techniques. Her specialties include focus group moderation and in-depth interviewing; contextual interviews and applied ethnography; phone and web survey research. Research topics and approaches include segmentation, market landscape, customer journey and experience, choice modeling, new product development, concept testing, and brand research (e.g., value proposition, positioning, messaging, brand elements, ad testing). 

For over two decades, she’s developed expertise and passion for research that informs new product development and greater understanding of brands in the technology space. She’s adept at qualitative and quantitative techniques, as well as employing diverse analytical approaches and effective storytelling. She has directed research on 6 continents—only Antarctica remains unexplored—focusing on consumer and business audiences. Prior to her position at PSB, Erin led technology research teams at several custom research firms.

Erin earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University.

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