Colleen McCauley

Senior Vice President [email protected]

Colleen McCauley is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at PSB. With 18 years of experience in the insights industry, Colleen is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies that promote PSB’s services and drive business growth. Early in her career, she worked as a qualitative research analyst at Kelton (now Material +). After gaining valuable experience leading a customer satisfaction program within the Office of Information at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Colleen returned to PSB to build a book of business and team of researchers. 

During her time leading a team, she would regularly lead workshops with marketing and product teams on how to best utilize insights to inform strategy and tactics. Her expertise in framing and streamlining marketing and business challenges made it easy for her clients to use research and insights to inform strategic and tactical decisions. 

Colleen learned the nuances of storytelling from former journalists, anthropologists, and presidential advisors. She understands marketers’ needs and how to frame research efficiently and effectively to answer those needs. As a consultant, Colleen gained extensive knowledge of marketing strategies and tactics, which she now applies to marketing the PSB brand and story. With her deep understanding of the insights industry, storytelling skills, and expertise in marketing strategy, Colleen is a valuable asset to the PSB team. 

Colleen graduated cum laude with a business degree in marketing from The George Washington University. 

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