Colleen McCauley

Senior Vice President

Colleen is a Senior Vice President at PSB. Colleen has a passion for messaging work and a talent for creating stories from data. She’s led teams on messaging, positioning and branding projects for major brands including Cochlear, McDonald’s, Western Union, Intel, and more. She’s worked closely with partners at BCW on creating messaging strategy for both advocacy and commercial campaigns.

Colleen joined PSB from a position as a qualitative researcher at Kelton Global. In her time at Kelton, Colleen also worked for its sister company, Jury Insight, conducting research to determine likelihood of winning cases, potential for damages, and to identify the strongest messages and evidence to use in trial. Colleen also spent time consulting to the IT division of the Veteran’s Affairs Department before where she ran a program to improve customer satisfaction among VA employees/IT customers to understand the effects of a centralized IT system.

From her work at Kelton and the VA, Colleen brings a strong qualitative background, years of moderating experience, and a focus on messaging, branding, communication and customer satisfaction.

Colleen graduated cum laude with a business degree in marketing from The George Washington University.

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