Colleen McCauley

Senior Vice President [email protected]

Colleen leads the healthcare and new business team at PSB. She is an experienced researcher with a strong background in brand and communication, crisis management, product development, and customer experience. Colleen originally joined PSB in 2010 from a position as a qualitative researcher and moderator at Kelton Global. At Kelton, she learned the craft of research and storytelling from a cultural anthropologist and two journalists.

Joining PSB, Colleen added quantitative experience to her resume, applying the skills she had learned at Kelton on how to tell a story using a broader set of data, including quantitative, behavioral, and social. Colleen then spent a year and a half running a customer satisfaction program at the Veterans Affairs Department Office of Information Technology before rejoining PSB in 2014. In addition to leading research programs, Colleen has 15+ years moderating interviews, focus groups and ethnographies.

Her expertise is in messaging and branding, and product insights and development. She has a passion for creating stories from data and a talent for running creative brainstorming sessions. She’s worked across a variety of industries, with special focus on healthcare, education, technology, retail, and food and beverage.

Colleen graduated cum laude with a business degree in marketing from The George Washington University.

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