Christopher Frank

Chief Client Officer [email protected]

Christopher Frank brings frontline experience from 25 years at American Express and Microsoft. He is renowned for crafting innovative research strategies that leverage consumer insights to achieve competitive advantage in high-growth environments. His adeptness at connecting insight to strategy in a coherent and actionable manner has earned him global recognition as a leader in his field. Frank has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, Inc., Fortune, and TedX. A two-time author of the acclaimed books ‘Drinking from the Fire Hose’ and ‘Decisions over Decimals,’ his most recent book has been highlighted in Malcolm Gladwell and Dan Pink’s Next Big Idea Club.

His ability to bridge insights with strategy has not only garnered him global recognition but also numerous industry awards for his contributions to global initiatives in satisfaction, new product development, public relations, brand management, marketing effectiveness, and communications research. An advocate for inclusive marketing, Chris authored a playbook ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion emerged in all creative endeavors. With deep experience working with iconic brands worldwide, Christopher has consistently demonstrated his prowess in team building, business growth, and problem-solving, leveraging insights and advanced analytics.

Frank, who started his career at Accenture, brings a practical perspective that marries the science of data with the art of storytelling to enable smarter decisions. He excels in fostering a culture of excellence for stakeholder deliverables and has spearheaded initiatives leading to pioneering advancements in data analysis, marketing optimization, and strategic innovation. His collaboration with global teams fosters a culture of agile innovation, transforming research into a pivotal growth engine.

Recognized as a prominent thought leader in building critical thinking skills, Christopher is highly regarded as a lecturer on decision science. He is actively shaping the next generation of leaders as the Co-Director of Columbia Business School’s Leading in a Data-Driven World: Developing Quantitative Intuition™ program and serves as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University.

Christopher holds a Master of Management Science and a Bachelor of Science in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology. He currently chairs the Board of Advisors and is a member of the Board of Trustees of Stevens Institute of Technology, reinforcing his commitment to education and leadership development.

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